Michelle Elster

Specialty: Market Research

Hi. I’m Michelle Elster, a coach and consultant for Savvyeur, specializing in all things market research. I can help you bring to life your customers’ and/or consumers’ voice (sometimes referred to as Voice of the Customer or VOC).  

I help companies make better informed marketing and other business decisions. Think about it this way: Would you get in a car and drive to a destination blind-folded? Of course not! You would drive with your eyes open. That’s what market research can help you do for your business.

My background is in marketing communications (specifically advertising) and market research – so I bring a unique perspective to the work I do. I work with clients around the world of all sizes and in both B2B and B2C categories. I have strong experience in a wide range of industries – from healthcare and financial products and services to consumer-packaged goods.

Using qualitative and quantitative market research, I am a strategic advisor for Savvyeur, involving everything related to helping small companies and entrepreneurs move their businesses forward. 

Let’s start talking about how YOU can make better informed marketing decisions based on feedback from your target audience.

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