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Brand Positioning Statement

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Time: 32 minutes
Instructor: Bradford Stein, Head of Customer Experience for Savvyeur

Your brand is trying to occupy a very specific location in your customer’s mind; your positioning statement gets you there.

It’s a simple tool, but few frameworks are as useful as the positioning statement. Operating without one can leave your company, brand, and customer confused. Taking the time to do it right can help you make faster, more consistent, and better decisions for your company.

In this course, you’ll learn what a positioning statement is, the purpose it serves for your business, and the concepts embedded within it. Then, you’ll write yours.

What you’ll learn:

  • Positioning statement structure
  • Product category
  • Point of difference
  • Demographics (B2C) / firmographics (B2B)
  • Psychographics (B2C) / decision drivers (B2B)
  • Value proposition
  • Functional benefits
  • Emotional benefits

What you’ll check off your list:

  • Profile your customers’ characteristics
  • Project your customers’ motivations and attitudes
  • Write your positioning statement

What you can do after taking this course:

  • Focus your product roadmap
  • Begin to understand your customer’s willingness-to-pay
  • Determine ideal locations to sell your product
  • Craft messaging that stems from your positioning statement