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We Know Marketing.
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Accelerating Growth by
Harmonizing Sales and Marketing


David J.P. Fisher
Speaker, Coach, and Author of
“Hyper-Connected Selling”


Stephanie Kusibab
CEO of Essentiam &
VP Business Strategy, Savvyeur


Randy Cavaiani
Chief Operating Officer,

February 25 @ 12 - 1 PM CST

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Savvyeur Conversations are free, short videos featuring entrepreneurs and marketers discussing their experiences and sharing their insights.

What Makes Savvyeur Different?

Marketing Solutions

What you need,
when you need it

A wide spectrum of marketing
solutions to solve your needs.

For all stages of
your business lifecycle

Business and Marketing

Successful business builders
who understand marketing

Our backgrounds: brand and
marketing disciplines

Experience in B2C and B2B
from CPG to technology

Practical Business Takeaways

Our offerings support you at every step of the journey with
concrete, actionable takeaways for immediate impact.


"Savvyeur empowers entrepreneurs by providing them with the marketing training they need to build successful and sustainable businesses."
John Hayes
Founder & CEO, MarketTrust
"The Savvyeur platform is a simple and effective way for entrepreneurs to quickly learn how to connect the dots to get them from point A-to-B-to-C and beyond."
Taylor Gaines
Founder & CEO, Social Gaines
“I can't tell you how many entrepreneurs I've talked to that can't get their marketing right. A resource like Savvyeur will save entrepreneurs time, money, and energy.”
Cory Warfield
Founder & Chief Visionary Officer, Shedwool


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