Maintain Altitude – How to Develop Deep Customer Insights

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Course Description

Instructor: Melinda Rae-Holloway, CEO Ethnographic Research, Inc., is a Sociologist, Ethnographer and Professional Observer with 20 years experience pioneering ethnographic field and analysis methods and international expertise across a breadth of industries.

Maximize your company’s agility and success by learning how to keep a pulse on your customers using ethnography as an approach to better understand them.

Having a deep understanding of your customers is essential to your business and its growth. What makes ethnography so compelling is that it provides a unique lens on your customers’ social and cultural context and illuminates how your products or services fit into real life.

What you’ll learn:

  • What ethnography is, its techniques, and how it enables a deeper customer understanding
  • Why learnings based on ethnography are important to your business
  • Where and how to use ethnographic techniques to develop actionable insights for your business

What you’ll do:

  • Gain insights about what you know/need to know about your customers
  • Determine business implications based on the insights
  • Use the implications to create and prioritize your next steps

What you can do after taking this Course:

  • Make becoming or staying customer-centric core to how you conduct your daily business
  • Uncover and share learnings with your team that can impact your products or services from design, customer communication, messaging, potential usages, etc.
  • Keep your company agile by keeping an ongoing pulse on your customers

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  • Video 1: Course Introduction
  • Video 2: Developing Deep Customer Insights Course
  • Video 3: Course Outro

Course materials:

  • Course Slide Deck
  • Course Worksheet
  • Key Terms Glossary


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